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Airport Inc.- Manage your airport February 29, 2008

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This is one of my favorite game.The rules is simple,build your airport,negotiate with the airlines and manage your airport to cope with domestic and international flight demand.Actually,Airport Inc. is not a new game,it has been developed in year 2000 by Take 2 Games.The airport can be start almost anywhere and you can purchased more land to expand your airport capacity. This is the only game that simulate airport management (Infrastructure provider) so your market depend on the airline(service provider) and subcontractor.There are more than +-400 airlines contract can be grasp and to do so, we need to keep our customer (airlines) satisfy with our services.


Game fun

What are the funs?.For me,This game give me some knowledge on how to manage an airport and what are services have to be provided by an airport. So i can relate this game with my Flight management subject. Through this game you will experience a lot of problem such as flight delay and aircraft accident,so, it’s time take an action to solve this problem. Design your own terminal is quite challenging because you need to know where to to place specific area for an example where to place security area?is it at the entrance or near the gate area.All of the area need to be place wisely.To increase your airport market,you can make a large retail area or build more runaway.When your airport become crowd with aircraft and passenger, more company will propose contract to you.From hotel to petrol station,all of them give your airport more profit each year.

These is some screen shot for this game:


Start a new game or play scenarios



Purchase more land to expand airport area



Retail area in Termina


Aircraft leave runaway



Skybus A300? Supposed to be Airbus A300



Malaysia airline propose contract for landing right


Wow Airasia


The disadvantage

  1. Graphic is low (like Simcity 2000) because it is an old game but the important is the fun and the knowledge you get through the game
  2. You need to be always cautious about the contract you signed. Some airline didn’t like low standard airline to land at your airport. Some always request for dedicated check in desk before they send passenger (you have to manually updated check in desk contract.

Where to find this game?

Download link:


Try this game today.My rating:7.0



1. KNizam - March 2, 2008

nampak menarik game ni 🙂

2. airilines - March 2, 2008

Game lame tapi buleh tahan

3. asrulfarrish - March 2, 2008

banyak ko main game skrg..

4. Robin - September 22, 2009


How can I play it

airilines - September 27, 2009

Robin,rename the extension .Lemon to .rar
you can open it using Winrar.

5. Imad - December 21, 2009

please! this game looks great, but whith the winrar asks me for a password… how can i do to install it? please help me!

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