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Making History 2.0-The Calm and the Storm Review February 29, 2008

Posted by airilines in Games arena.
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While i’m looking for a computer game to play,suddenly my friend suggest me to play “Making History”.So ask him “What’s so interesting?”.He never played that game but he said there is one History professor who has changed his view of history after playing the game.Since he said so,i believe maybe i can change my view of world after play it.

on the next day,i’m trying to find this game in the game centers but unfortunately none of them sell such a game.So i try to find them in internet,there are not much information about it but finally i found someone who upload that game in rapidshare and of course free.These is some screenshot of this game

Choosing screnario.jpg

Five scenarios to play

The arena of Making History

Alliance dialogbox (UK allies with japan?)
At the end of the game (US become the winner)
These is my opinion about this game:-

  1. It’s still good to play since you will learn a lot of things (especially the location of other country) through the game
  2. you are on your own decision, every decision you make will change the world (like the chaos theory).so,don’t make stupid decision or you will be destroyed. When i play that game,I’ve make alliance with Japan.so, for the result i can’t propose alliance with democratic country.
  3. if you play the first scenario,you will see that Germany is so powerful.Germany become weak in 1940
  4. It is better to start research first.You campaign will become more easy if you get advance technology.
  5. Make your alliance bigger,your allies will help you when you attack a country.Even Australia send their troop to assist your troop when you attack a very far country from them (e.g German)
  6. Upgrade your land (Advanced city) since the production of a thing especially troop will become slower at preindustrial land
The Disadvantage:
  1. This game use turn in their game play , therefore the action is less (it is better to play Medieval 2 -Total war)
  2. The production,the movement of your troop are so slow (about 11 turn if you want to sent your troop from UK to Thailand)
  3. In demo version you can also play other country but i can’t find that in the full version
  4. Best play in Desktop computer not in Laptop


I grant independence to Malaysia in 1944 with most advance infrastructure and Thailand has been colonized by UK (Thailand dah pun dijajah)



1. NoktahHitam - February 29, 2008

Oh man, this game sounds so coool!

you got a link to this site or game?

2. airilines - February 29, 2008
3. snake - September 23, 2008

This game is the best game I ever played!!!!!!!!

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