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The Company

    Airilines is not a real company but it is my name, Airi Ali plus the lines. Why airilines? Airilines is my dream company  to establish a simple, comfort and no corruption airlines in the world plus i want to establish new dimension of airlines to serves Malaysian.

This blog will be the  extension of  my thinking, feeling and my vision of life. I’m  a really simple person who want to share my knowledge and are willing to learn from others. So ,people  don’t afraid to give comment and of course all of you are my friends.



1. rizalo - February 25, 2008

airi san…link kan blog aku kt ko, camne ha?

2. shah masyuk - February 28, 2009

Wei bro…apa2 pun aku sokong ko….lawan MAS ngan Air Asia!……
p/s: Kalo ko nak setup lapangan terbang, call me as a structural engineer. (promote)

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