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Bomb from sugar? February 1, 2008

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Maybe this thing is not a new finding(especially to the chemist) but since i hear it from my lecturer (who must not be named ) i realize it is new to me.it is one of the … project to make rocket propellant. The interesting part is you can make it at home and when you fire it up it won’t be extinguish even when the rocket enter the water surface. if it can lift a rocket up to the sky, there are some possibility to create a bomb like C4 using sugar.

180px-sugar_2xmacro.jpg 200px-potassium_nitrate.jpg

The recipe? there are 2 ingredients to create rocket propellant and the process is like making “Dodol” for Hari raya.The only thing that you have to do is to mix up sugar and saltpeter(KNo3) or some says stump remover into a unused pot. Stir it until the mixture become yellowish color. This process will remove water vapor from the mixture. After the stuff cool a little bit, you can shape it around like you playing playdoh. when the temperature nearly to the ambient temp. you can start play it. The amount of the ingredient have to be right to make it happen. There are actually a secret on how much you have to put in to make a good mixture. i won’t responsible if anything happen but don’t try this at home. you can see the video on how to make this propellant in youtube,there was a lot of tutorials.So check it out