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Airport Inc.- Manage your airport February 29, 2008

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This is one of my favorite game.The rules is simple,build your airport,negotiate with the airlines and manage your airport to cope with domestic and international flight demand.Actually,Airport Inc. is not a new game,it has been developed in year 2000 by Take 2 Games.The airport can be start almost anywhere and you can purchased more land to expand your airport capacity. This is the only game that simulate airport management (Infrastructure provider) so your market depend on the airline(service provider) and subcontractor.There are more than +-400 airlines contract can be grasp and to do so, we need to keep our customer (airlines) satisfy with our services.




Making History 2.0-The Calm and the Storm Review February 29, 2008

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While i’m looking for a computer game to play,suddenly my friend suggest me to play “Making History”.So ask him “What’s so interesting?”.He never played that game but he said there is one History professor who has changed his view of history after playing the game.Since he said so,i believe maybe i can change my view of world after play it.

on the next day,i’m trying to find this game in the game centers but unfortunately none of them sell such a game.So i try to find them in internet,there are not much information about it but finally i found someone who upload that game in rapidshare and of course free.These is some screenshot of this game

Choosing screnario.jpg