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Let’s text speak to you March 16, 2008

Posted by airilines in Software.
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Now we don’t have to read the text but make them speak or read to you in the correct sequence. “2nd speech center” is one of the software that i found really good to use.It is not like Microsoft Sam that sometimes incorrect when you urge them to say the text.This software is beyond than that.You can open any file with following types : (.pdf, .doc or .docx, .txt, .eml, .rtf, .htm, others)

There are 11 voices for your choice include Microsoft Sam and the interesting part is there are 2 Japanese voices (Yatta!). You can make MP3 or WAV file for playback if you want to hear it in your MP3 player.


for testing i will use Roosevelt speech.

Peter voice

Microsoft Sam

Eddie speak in Bahasa

Try it out now.So much fun.Any comment?